Haircuts and the Habs


When I first arrived at the College, it was to my delight to find one of the three barbers was Carmen Bycock, a former neighbor of mine for several years when I attending high school here in Kingston. However, as much as I appreciate Carmen’s friendship and her haircuts early on in my time here at RMC, she is a Maple Leafs fan.

Luckily, one of her peers, Roopesh Soophoo, turned out to be a Canadiens fan like myself and a friendship quickly formed that was defined by my bi-weekly haircut, our distaste for the team’s current standing (it’s been a rough couple of years for the le Tricolore) and chirping Carm for her blind loyalty to the NHL’s worst team.

Shortly before leaving for summer training at CFB Gagetown near the end of 3rd Year, the Habs were short a captain and announced they would be naming one over the course of the summer, prior to the start of the 2015-2016 season.


Roop and I tend to agree on the team’s potential moves and what direction is best for the organization as armchair-GMs, however we disagreed for once on who the next captain should be. He believed P.K. Subban should wear the ‘C’ whereas I though Max Pacioretty was the best man for the job.

Alas, a bet was made between friends as to who the next captain would be. Should Roopp prevail, I would pay double for every haircut over the course of 4th Year. However, should Max wear the ‘C’, I would benefit from free haircuts for the year.

As fate would have it, Pacioretty was voted the next captain by his peers in early September and I began cashing in on my bet with Roop. Yet, I knew I could not simply take advantage of this bet. So to thank Roop for his friendship and support throughout my time here I picked up an autographed P.K. Subban jersey for him and presented it to him on Wednesday morning after PMT.

Roop, there have been many ups and downs here in my time at RMC, and the Cadet Wing has seen many changes throughout the structure of the College. However, one thing has remained consistent throughout these 4 years, and that is your haircuts and friendship.

Thanks for being there for us down in the basement of Yeo Hall. You bring much more than scissors to the table, but rather good conversation and a fresh take to how things work here. I will truly miss your presence when I leave here in just a few short months!

– OCdt AJL Landry 26559