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Hamilton & Vancouver: Branch hosting over the holidays

Branch hosting over the holidays

Hamilton Branch Christmas Meet and Greet 2016

It was a pleasure for the Hamilton Branch Ex-Cadets to host 4 RMCC and 2 RMC Saint-Jean cadets on Dec 19 at HMCS Star in Hamilton. A total of 15 Ex Cadets and spouses were on hand to enjoy a social time with these cadets. A convivial exchange of stories about life at the Colleges, and after graduation took place. This included Cadets commenting on benefits each may have had from the RMC Foundation support system.

A number of potential applicants from the region were in attendance too. These included an individual who has already started the application process for military college. Plus army cadets; air cadets who were accompanied by members of their family and / or friends). They appreciated the opportunity to mix with military college(s) cadets and Ex Cadets and form their own ideas regarding application to military college.

Many appreciative comments were received from these young cadets, they said it helped them in a significant, and mostly positive way, in assessing their decision about applying to the Colleges.

An enjoyable evening all round.


The Vancouver Christmas Cadet Reception was held on Wed 28 Dec 16, which turned out to be an exceptionally clear sunny day for this year. It was another great opportunity for creating relationships across the generations. There were forty people in attendance, imbibing in food, drink conversation and war stories. The senior ex-cadet present was 3921 Roy Strickland with his wife Anne. The junior cadet was 28118 Aleck Vaitkus. Of interest was the 20,000-number difference between 7079 Cliff Williams, Class of 1966, now living in Seattle, and 27079 Josh Siu, Class of 2017. (See featured photo)

A good time was had by all and it is hoped to repeat the event again next year.

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