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Handover Complete / Branch Presidents & Classmates Exchanging Visits

Handover Complete

10155 Greg Mitchell (photo right) now sits comfortably in the reconfigured office of the Executive Director’s in Panet House. This past Wed, 1 March the 1974 RMC graduate completed his handover with the outgoing E.D., 13987 Bryan Bailey who held the position over the best part of four years.

Greg brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and is excited to build on the great strides achieved by the Club over recent years.

Photos from he Bryan Bailey departure – here


Branch Presidents and Classmates Exchanging Visits


The Kingston Branch had an interesting presentation from the visiting Ottawa Branch president, 5276 JR “Digger’ MacDougall (photo left) at their monthly luncheon Wed, 1 March. The Kingston Branch president 5256 Gwyn Griffith, top photo right and a classmate (1961) of Digger will pay a reciprocal visit to the Ottawa Branch later in the Spring.

The theme of the thought provoking presentation was the five generations of the RMC Club. ‘Digger’ used some interesting guidelines to generalize the behavior of each of the generations:

  • The Greatest Generation – Born 1901-1926;
  • Mature/Silents – Born 1927- 1945;
  • Baby Boomers – Born between 1946 and 1964;
  • Generation X – Born between 1965 and 1980; and 
  • Generation Y/Millennium – Born between 1981* and 2000

The aim of the talk was to make everyone conscious of the fact that there are indeed differences – which we will not detail here.  It is his opinion that for the Club and Branches to remain relevant – leadership at the national and branch levels will have to be innovative and consider the ‘generations’ moving forward.

In the humble opinion of  WJO –

‘What you are is where you were when‘ is interesting when trying to get a read on Ex Cadets. Where and when did they enter & leave the military colleges system? Was it Roads, CMR or RMC? Or a combination of two and the rare time all three? Did they spend a ‘career’ in the military? Did they get out after serving five years or less (approx)? Were they RETP? Is the class ‘tight’ as a group?

All or some of these are often factors on how an Ex Cadet engages with the Club.

More photos on flickr from the 1 Mar Kingston Branch Luncheon – Here