Article by 27354 OCdt Joesph Maalouf 

Le 26 octobre 2018, Capt. Beckett, 27958 Élof Claudia Rusu et moi-même, 27354 Élof Joseph Maalouf, avons eu l’opportunité de voyager à l’Université d’ingénierie de l’armée de PLA (AEUPLA). This 6th International Army Cadets Week hosted by the AEUPLA in Nanjing received delegations of cadets from 11 different countries and 10 PLA Academies in order to improve understanding, to learn from each other, to develop cooperation and to jointly make the future. Afin d’atteindre ce but, plusieurs activités ont eu lieu : discussion entre Élof, des présentations orales, de l’entrainement militaire tactique ainsi que des activités culturelles chinoises. La cérémonie d’ouverture a marqué le début de la semaine, où il y a eu échange de cadeaux avec le Major Général Wang Jinlong. This opening ceremony was followed by oral presentations on how RMC prepares cadets to become qualified Army Officers in the information age and about the intelligentized development of the Army and the decision-making capability of Army Officers. Nous avons ensuite visité quelques laboratoires, incluant une présentation sur le réacteur nucléaire. By the end of the week, after participating in club activities, live firing, leadership training, UN Peacekeeping exercises, attending classes with Chinese officer cadets and psychological training, we got the true experience and understanding of the life of a cadet at AEUPLA. The international cadets were then taken by Bullet train to Beijing and were able to tour Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the F\Great Wall, rounding off a truly memorable experience. This opportunity for future military leaders from the international community was a once in a lifetime opportunity and offered all participants the chance to network and develop professional relationships and friendships which will only aid in the understanding between our militaries in the future. At the end of our trip, the most noticeable lesson observed was that the more we believe ourselves to be different, the more we are all the same.

Thank you to Major General Wang Jinlong, Director of the AEUPLA for receiving us and to Major Wang Zhongrui, the event OPI and coordinating officer, for making this trip so memorable to all who participated.


Article by 27832 OCdt (IV) P.R. Cardona

Photos provided by RMC PAO – Blake Patterson

This week, the fourth-year class welcomed a special guest presenter for our Professional Development. We were honoured to host Major-General Mullen from the United States Marine Corps, who gave a lecture on the importance of education and professional training for military officers.

He began his presentation by discussing what was meant by profession and how that related to our careers in the military. The Major-General highlighted the importance of competence, ethics, and knowledge in the profession of arms and how that expectation of excellence is present in all soldiers, sailors, and air personnel from the day that they enlist.

Major-General Mullen then focused his lecture on the importance of professional development and education for military officers. He noted that being in the military not only among the most physically demanding careers, but also incredibly intellectually challenging. He argued that anti-intellectualism in the military, whether active or passive, is a toxic attitude that impacts our operational readiness and ends up costing lives.

In addition to the work done in the classroom, officers must make their own time to read and study their profession and understand their operating environment. He also highlighted the importance of learning from experience and the experiences of others. The Major-General mentioned that he reads three books a week and has more than 30  years of experience but still knows that there is much more for him to learn.

After his lecture, Major-General Mullen took the time to answer several questions from the Class of 2019. Overall, his presentation was perhaps of the best PD sessions that we’ve had all year.


Mme Andrea Horwath, députée provinciale (Hamilton-Centre) et chef de l’opposition officielle à l’Assemblée législative de l’Ontario, elle s’est arrêtée au @RoyalMilitaryCollegeOfCanada aujourd’hui lors d’une visite dans la région de Kingston. Après avoir signé le livre d’or officiel de l’université, @AndreaHorwathONDP a visité les bâtiments historiques du CMR et a pris le temps de rencontrer les étudiants et le personnel.


Ms Andrea Horwath, MPP (Hamilton Centre) and Leader of the Official Opposition in the Ontario Legislature, stopped by @RoyalMilitaryCollegeOfCanada today during a visit to the Kingston area. After signing the university’s official guestbook, @AndreaHorwathONDP toured RMC’s historic buildings and took time to meet with students and staff.

Photo provided by RMC PAO – Blake Patterson