Herc 307: Hello. Well done. Good Bye!


Herc 307: Hello. Well done. Good Bye!

By: WJO – 3 photos courtesy of Lt(N) Lee Chiarizia

Last Tuesday – 8 April – RMCC was part of a relevant RCAF historical and interesting event.

The occasion: After more than 50 years in service and 47,000 hours of flight time, the last CC-130E-model Legacy Hercules retired. The aircraft, #307, was acquired by the RCAF on February 9, 1965. The aircraft made her final flight from 8 Wing Trenton to a new home at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

In between, a short detour over the RMCC peninsula.

The final flight was piloted by Lt.-Col. Phil Marcus and the co-pilot was 15980 Maj. Keith Hoey.

We connected with Phil Marcus and asked him how did they decide to fly over RMCC?


“The flyby was LGen Hood’s idea and I believe he notified BGen Friday via blackberry from the aircraft.” The veteran pilot who has completed the BMASc via distance learning through RMC (E6335) and is currently working to complete his MDS (G7005) through RMC, expecting to finish in the spring of ’17, added:

“We didn’t have a particular route planned for the final flight to Ottawa but April 5th turned out to be such a nice weather day, that I decided we would complete the 10,000 foot freefall jump of 6 SAR Techs in Trenton and then fly down Lake Ontario to Kingston, and then follow the river to Montréal followed by a turn up the Ottawa river to Rockcliffe.”

He proudly concluded. “All in all, it turned out to be an amazing day and absolutely everything went perfectly.”

More on the final flight of Herc 307:




Photo upper left: Master Corporal St. Amour, 8 Wing Imaging