This photo of HMCS WALLACEBURG from her cutter (you can see it is not in its davits) at the Royal Military College jetty in Kingston, Ontario was featured in the Admiral’s Log, the official newsletter of the Admiral Desmond Piers Naval Association of Bridgewater N.S. The Algerine-class minesweeper which was acquired 1959 and stricken 1969 is wearing the new light haze-gray colour scheme. HMCS WALLACEBURG had carefully eased alongside the very small RMC jetty. 2184 Commodore ‘Debbie’ Piers (RMC 1930) was then the Commandant of RMC (1957-60). The Commanding Officer of WALLACEBURG, LCdr. Don Bethune, the Supply Officer and Milton Williams were kindly entertained at ‘Tea’ by Commodore and Mrs. Janet Piers.

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards


** Special note**

Hi Bill,

I have just enjoyed reading the latest online edition. Good work once again. At the risk of sounding like a cranky old fellow, the item about HMCS Wallaceburg contained some errors. She was actually built in 1943, paid off in 1946, recommissioned in 1950 as a training ship spending the summers of 1956 & 57 on the Great Lakes. As an Ordinary Seaman reservist I sailed the upper Great Lakes at that time in a sister ship HMCS Sault Ste Marie. Wallaceburg was transferred to the Belgian Navy in 1959 as Georges Lecointe and subsequently was retired in 1969.
– 5844 David Wall (RMC 1963)


  • 3334 Dave Wightman

    September 28, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Wallaceburg had good reason to visit. Her CO, LCdr Don Bethune, was Squadron Commander of #1 Squadron in the Stone Frigate in 1954 when I was CSL. He and his wife lived in the Gatehouse and were fine people! My future wife Tannis Carlson stayed with them in the house during graduation weekend.

  • Sandy Boswell

    March 5, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    My father was a crew member on this ship in 1956/1957 according to old letters he wrote to my mother, both of which are deceased. Anyway to find out what years he served? Are there any crew lists out there – or any pictures of the crew? Would love to leave this part of history for his grandkids.

  • Lloyd Grandmaison

    March 10, 2013 at 9:05 am

    I served on the Wallaceburg for two years, 1955 to 1959
    Paying off the Ship at Sydney N. S., along with the Sault St. Marie, and the Portage. We had quite a going away party. Was sent to HMCS Hochelaga, Montreal, where I meet my Wife of 53 years this June.
    Lloyd Grandmaison,
    Kingsville, ont.