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Hommages au Dr 2864 Pierre Bussières / Tributes to 2864 Dr. Pierre Bussières

Note de l’éditrice: D’autres hommages et témoignages au Dr Bussières, dans les deux langues officielles, suivront dans eVeritas à une date ultérieure. Veuillez laisser vos propres hommages dans les commentaires ci-dessous! / Editor’s Note: Further tributes and testimonials to Dr. Bussières, in both official languages, will follow in eVeritas at a later date. Please leave your own tributes in the comments below!

Pierre Bussières was one of a kind.  He was brilliant, a gentleman and a consummate professional at all times!  He became part of the RMC faculty in the Mech Eng Department in 1962 after serving in uniform as a Flight Test Engineer and working on such iconic aircraft as the Avro Arrow and CF-104 Starfighter.  When he retired in 1996, he was a full professor and became a Professor Emeritus and he continued his involvement with RMC since that time.  In fact, he participated in the Mech and Aero Mess Dinner this past Winter!   Pierre always made such a positive impact on those around him.  Everyone who has had the privilege of knowing and working with Pierre is better because of him.  The same is true for generations of students and graduates (myself included) who benefitted from his wisdom, his kindness and the ever-present sense of humour.  We will all miss him dearly.


14458 Harry Kowal

As Commandant in 2007-9, I always looked forward to meeting Dr Bussieres on campus. Whereas many of us speak more and listen less as we age, Pierre was an exception. He loved to hear about new goings-on and responded with his patented and joyful laugh. He has been a wonderful RMC icon for decades and he will be sorely missed.

12192 Tom Lawson


  • Luc Perron 13016

    October 20, 2020 at 2:43 pm

    Dr Bussière a été pour moi un belle inspiration dans le programme de génie mécanique. Le fait de pouvoir compléter l’enseignement avec des histoires et du vécu provenant de son expérience personnelle, comme les essais sur le Avro Arrow, ajoute énormément de richesse au programme du RMC. Je m’inspire de ce personnage coloré pour passer le flambeau aux jeunes qui vont suivre. Merci Dr Bussière.

  • Jeff Kearns

    October 21, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    I had the pleasure of knowing Dr Bussiere during Third and Fourth year Mech Eng studies (85-87). He was the Head of the Mechanical Engineering department and a wonderful gentleman. He was also instrumental in my studies, as I had to interview with him to make my case for acceptance into the program due to less than stellar marks in Second Year.

    In the years following graduation, and after leaving the service, I would often stop in at RMC while transiting from Toronto to Montreal. Dr Bussiere was always someone I would visit, along with Dr Moffatt and Dr Boros. One one such visit, he gave me his personal 1966 copy of Thermodynamics for Engineers, by Michel Saad. It sits prominently on my bookshelf!

    Fair winds and following seas, Dr Bussiere!

  • 10961+Brian+Kroeker

    October 21, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    I remember Dr. Bussières as a very happy and fulfilled person who was enthusiastic about everything he did. He was an old school professor; the ones who were more concerned about crafting curriculum and shaping students than chasing research grants. As a graduate of the Class of 52 he understood college life and the unique trifecta of competing demands between academics, sports / physical fitness and military life.
    Although he was not at RMC in the late 1950’s when the MV Cordite ship was designed and built by the Mech Eng department (utilizing revolutionary naval design elements and construction techniques) he kind of adopted it. Even to the point where the family has requested that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Cordite Foundation. The Cordite Foundation exists to enhance the RMC Mechanical Engineering experience for current students and staff.
    I was one of the few (I think) who was able to hitch a ride in the MV Cordite. It was during the summer of 1976 when I was working as a research assistant for “The Ferg” after graduation – if you can believe that – but that’s another story for another day. It was a beautiful summer day and we all packed up and set out for a day of fishing on Lake Ontario. Maybe he piloted the boat – not sure – but he was a big presence on board. I remember the Cordite as more of a working boat than a luxury cruise ship :-) But the shipmates were first class and a real sense of camaraderie prevailed. No fish were caught but a few brews were snagged from the cooler.

  • Luc Deniger 13309

    October 22, 2020 at 8:19 am

    Dr Bussières est un professeur qui a marqué mon séjour au RMC et grâce à ses talents de pédagogues et encouragements, il a fait en sorte que j’ai persévéré à compléter le programme de génie mécanique. Toujours positif et dynamique, il offrait la matière avec enthousiasme et en y ajoutant ses expériences pratiques ce qui rendait l’apprentissage plus pertinente. J’ai eue la chance de revoir le Dr Bussières à quelques reprises lors des présentations des projets des étudiants de quatrième années (2016-2018) et il était toujours aussi attentionné aux développements des étudiants. Merci Dr Bussières !