“Honor Guard”? No, “Guard of Honour”!

A concerned stakeholder has provided the following information. If this could be taken into consideration for parade scripts and articles.

“Term “Honor Guard”. This is an American term. In Canada we have Guards of Honour!! The extract below is from the Heritage Canada site, wherein CFAO 61-8, mod 8/84 is quoted as the authority. Other subjects such as gun salutes and musical salutes are also covered.

Also note that the term Sunset Honour Guard (used at 2012 Tattoo) is incorrect. It is a Sunset Guard. Similarly there are Quarter Guards. The addition of “Honour” is quite special as stated below.

Guard of Honour

In Canada, guards of honour, mounted on occasions when full military honours are accorded, vary in strength according to the dignitaries being honoured. As a rule:

a 100 person guard is mounted for heads of state, The Queen’s representatives in Canada, governors general of Commonwealth countries, members of reigning royal families;

a 50 person guard is mounted for heads of Government (including the Vice President of the United States), ministers of National Defence, heads of Mission accredited to Canada;

16 person departure guards are also mounted for the departure from Canada of members of the Royal Family, on occasions when it is desired to involve members of a Regiment with which the Royal Visitor is associated.”

Lesley Kerckhoff


Staff Officer to the Commandant RMC


It was a great day onboard HMCS Sackville today as Lt William (Bill) Warwick age 98 and about to turn 99 on the 8th of July was on board with LCdr Murray Knowles. He will turn 96 on the 2nd of July.

Both men were born in St John, NB. Murray joined the RCNVR in 1940 and Bill the RCNVR in 1941. His daugther, Mary Ann Bibby, from Calgary, was here with him. She drove her Dad here from his home in Grand-Valley-Westfield, NB.

Both these gentleman hadn’t seen each other since they met at the end of the war which makes it 67 years ago. It was great to see them together again.


8120 Bill Gard


  • Paul Crober

    June 18, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Re: Guards of Honour. I wondered when someone was going to sort this out. For various reasons, we seem to have Americanized a number of things within our CF (not just at RMC) and this trend included some of our ceremonial aspects. Nothing wrong with American traditions in this regard — but they are theirs, not ours.
    Thanks for proving direction and clarification.

  • rmcclub

    June 19, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    Re: “Honor Guard”? No, “Guard of Honour”!

    For the record: Capt Kerckhoff was simply passing on information provided to her by an ex-cadet. In short, she was the “messenger”.

    e-Veritas will do our best to get it right in the future.

    Bill Oliver