Hyunji (Ann) Lee – Cadet Divison Leader B

26995 NCdt (IV) Hyunji (Ann) Lee – Cadet Divison Leader B –

00207 – MARS , Honors Business Administration

 What was your  motivation to attend military college?

  I first learned about RMC through taekwondo during my high school years.

Although my parents continually emphasized the importance of university education at the time, the thought of studying again after high school had never really appealed to me.

After having met the coach for the RMC taekwondo team at a local tournament in Vancouver, I had the opportunity to attend two of their week long summer training camps.


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For the first time, I started to become interested in the thought of attending university, and led me to look into more details about the institution and the unique career path that would be offered upon graduation and becoming a commissioned officer in the CAF. I came to realize that by attending RMC, not only would I get a higher level of education,  it would also help me become more of a well-rounded individual and provide endless opportunities to develop my leadership skills.

My biggest motivation for attending RMC though, would be my family. Having moved to Canada back in 1997 with almost nothing and leaving everyone else behind, it was a struggle for our family over the years. I feel honored to be wearing my uniform every morning and serving our country knowing that not only are my parents and my sister back in Saskatchewan proud of me, everyone else back in Korea is cheering me on as I enter my fourth and final year at RMC.

What is your most favourable memory of your time at RMCC?

Nothing will top my memory of the obstacle course in first year. FYOP was indeed both mentally and physically challenging and we were constantly forced out of our comfort zones and pushed to our limits in order to perform our best during reunion weekend.

We lost flight mates and our flight became the smallest flight with only 11 first years, but we never let that get in the way and worked twice as hard for the ones who had not made it to the end. Although we did not achieve the results we were looking for, the teamwork, the perseverance, and the effort Papa flight put in to show the college and our families will forever be ingrained in my memory as every single member ran the obstacle course and made it past the finish line with our squadron and loved ones by our side.

How will you verify that those you lead are passing on your input to their subordinates?

As a leader, I believe micro-managing is far from beneficial both for myself and the development of leadership skills for subordinates. My role as the CDL is to overlook the activities of the division as a whole and only intervene if something is going bat***t crazy. I trust our division HQ staff as well as our CSLs as they are some of the best in the division and I trust that they pass on whatever they feel is important and pertinent to their respective squadrons. Weekly updates on the statuses of the squadrons during our meetings are sufficient and are what I will rely on for tracking the activities going on within the division.

What does Truth, Duty, Valour (TDV) mean to you?

As the college motto, not only do the officer cadets attending RMC share the values of TDV, it is the binding motto between us and all the ex-cadets of RMC as well. It is seen as the basic foundation of being a good leader and officer in the CAF and is emphasized throughout our four years at the college. I have made many mistakes in the past and I look to our motto to help me make better decisions and guide me on a better path. As a fourth year, I would like to say that I try apply the motto to my everyday activities as it helps me become a stronger individual.

 What makes your Division unique and / or special?

B Division has always been very successful in the four pillars at RMC. From winning the obstacle course two years in a row, to our achievement in intramurals and having exceptional athletes, our division has always been very strong in the athletic pillar. Not only that, the squadrons in our division has some of the highest academic averages in the college. We have a solid leadership team this semester and with the combined effort of the winter bar slate, I believe our division has a very good chance of coming out on top by the end of this year.