I Year @ RMC, 1949 – Coggins asked us, “What would you do if you were swimming under water and you saw an officer?”

Week 10 at RMC for 3069 W.A. McColl

Nov. 14 – 1949: I finally passed off the square! Andy, Bob, and I had our names posted. Andy and I both got off, I didn’t think that I had made it. Got a kick out of the question Coggins asked us, he said to Gagnon, “What would you do if you were swimming under water and you saw an officer?”. Gagnon came right back with, “Salute him, Sir!” I see that we are to be issued with “coats waterproof” on Wednesday. These single rooms are swell; I like having the bowl all to myself for shaving.

Nov. 15 – 1949: Andy and I got our names posted as having passed off. We went into Kingston and saw a show which was lousy; it is sure a funny feeling to be conscious of everyone’s eyes watching you. New system went into effect today; we must all be having “exercise” between 1630 and 1745. I got my exercise by reading over in the periodical room. Perhaps I’m going to be forced into exercising yet.

Nov. 16 – 1949: We got our burberrys (gabardines) today. I got my tunic and great coat at last! I shouldn’t be cold in that monstrous thing. Weather these days is very wet and windy, drill is quite an ordeal in weather like this. I respect Coggins more and more each day, he sure knows how to handle men.

Nov. 17 – 1949: Field Marshall Wavell spoke to us today after a brief parade. He is quite old and certainly looks as if he has been through a life of campaigning. He has a glass eye and I think even more ribbons than Alexander. We had a lecture from a group captain on opportunities in the R.C.A.F. I did some shooting. They call it snap shooting at, say, 10 seconds to get down and load, aim and fire; my average was about 84%. Saw my first squash game today and don’t know just what to make of it.

Nov. 18 – 1949: A helicopter landed on the field this morning and created quite a stir. The rugby and soccer team left for Montreal, the lucky sods. The rest of us set up the obstacle course in the fort; what a race that is going to be! Featherstone wants to fill the moat with water.

Nov. 19 – 1949: It started to snow today and we had two drill periods, what fun! I got a letter and box of chocolates from home… they didn’t last long. We went out to the fort again to work on the obstacle course, it was drizzling and cold. I hope we get a dry day for the race. Bob and I took in a show and a play at Queen’s. We ate in Kingston, the service was certainly inferior to that which we get in our mess hall.

Nov. 20 – 1949: After church service we worked on the obstacles again. There will be a lot of guys on sick parade before the race and after it, too. We were making a 10 ft drop into the moat, scaling the walls should be fun, too. Bob and I went to the concert tonight and heard some wonderful pieces. The teams got back from Montreal: rugby team beat MacDonald 12-6 and the soccer team lost 3-1. Johnny MacLachlan made a terrific T.D. and carried 2 or 3 men over the line with him. All the guys look as if they had a hard weekend.

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