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Impressive Professional Staff Within the Academic Pillar

Impressive Professional Staff Within the Academic Pillar

Article by 27476 Danielle Fielding


When joining the military, to be an officer you must have a university degree.

The purpose of this, amongst many, is to develop the critical thinking skills of the future officers. The ability to think critically is crucial when coming up with plans, and orders to deliver the troops. RMC offers a variety of degrees in different academic programmes. The three faculties at RMC are the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science. Divided in these three faculties are 14 different departments, each specializing in a different program offered to the students.

At all levels within the Academic Pillar of RMC we are indeed fortunate to have such a high level of dedicated professionals.

Unlike most other universities, RMC has small class sizes alloying for a more in depth learning of the material being taught. In addition, the professors have more time to tailor the class to the students, focusing on the interest of the students. In addition, many of the professors are either military or ex-military, providing amazing learning opportunities outside and inside the classroom. Some even give personal experiences related to the material to enrich the learning. What they all have in common is their unique ability to push students in their methods of learning.

An example of this is Dr. Alain Gosselin (photo left), an ex-military professor at RMC. Previously the department head for the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Dr. Gosselin is very involved in his students lives. Teaching mathematics at all levels, he challenges and pushes his students for success. With a more relaxed approach in the high level courses he truly forces his students to understand the very fundamentals of mathematics and challenge some basic concepts. In his classroom you can be sure to develop your critical thinking skills as you face problems you’ve never seen before and are forced to come up with various solutions.

Overall, the students are RMC are lucky to have such skilled and knowledgeable professors.