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  • In Memoriam: Some of those we lost in 2020 (Part 1) / Jamais oublié: Certains de ceux que nous avons perdus en 2020 (partie 1)

In Memoriam: Some of those we lost in 2020 (Part 1) / Jamais oublié: Certains de ceux que nous avons perdus en 2020 (partie 1)

Please note that obituaries are listed according to the month they were previously published in e-Veritas. This may or may not line up with the actual month of death. Photos are included where available. / Veuillez noter que les notices nécrologiques sont répertoriées en fonction du mois où elles ont été publiées dans eVeritas. Cela peut ou non correspondre au mois de décès. Les photos sont incluses lorsqu’elles sont disponibles.


January / Janvier

4151 Allan Jack Tattersall / M0228 Gilbert Tessier / 8910 Robert Ward Fletcher

4526 Walter Humphrey Sheridan / 3585 Alan Sherwin / 4150 Nigel H.H. Frawley

4283 Dave Dunnison


February / Février

4107 Rodney Harris-Lowe / 8391 Larry Frederick Cade / 5196 Rob Martin


March / Mars

3115 John Nanton “Tony” Clark / 16438 François (Lévis) Gilbert / 4328 Chris Carr

4113 James Crilly Wood / 7735 Harold Edward “Hal” Decoste


April / Avril

5120 Vic Coroy / Padmanabhan Seshadri Sri / 4058 Gilles Langlois

4164 Ron Brabbs / 5043 Robert Blais10656 James “Jim” Bureaux

10683 Kim Grant / Eleanor Harding – Wife of 3846 Dick Harding / 3961 George McClure


May / Mai

7485 Bruce Welling / 11858 Jim Bartholomew / 27268 Abbigail Cowbrough

11713 Bruce Huntington Rogers / 2950 John MacLachlan


June / Juin

23811 Brenden Ian “BMac” MacDonald / 12422 Ron Houde / 4155 George Kinloch

10777 Antoni “Tony” Wojcik / 16834 James Bower / 6988 Leslie Alexander Eslary

Patricia Marilyn Perry – Wife of 3305 Kenneth James Perry / 10996 Bill Rutledge

5751 Gerald-Leon “Gerry” Couture


  • J.R. Digger MacDougall

    December 15, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    As the song says, “….fast away the old year passes”.
    We are ever mindful of the passing of the years and the passing of classmates, friends and colleagues with whom we had served. The content of obituaries and notices remind us of things that happened, where our lives intersected and friendships past. Of those with whom we were close, we are grateful for the time we shared; of others, we recognize the connection through the Colleges and the Club and … we will remember them.
    Sincere condolences, and wishes for comfort and peace, to classmates and all whose lives were touched by those whose photos appear in the above list. We will remember them.

    5276 Digger
    J. R. Digger MacDougall
    President Ottawa Branch, RMC Club of Canada

  • Richard Patterson

    December 15, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    Re Eleanor Harding: She went to the same high school as I, about a year behind, and then went on to Queens (Eleanor Horne then). One Christmas break, I think it was in 3rd year, Dick Harding asked if he could visit me on the break. I said sure. The reason wasn’t me, of course. He wanted to visit with Eleanor whom he had previously some how met in Kingston earlier. Kathryn and I knew she wasn’t well. Great partners for each other. They managed to get out to Nova Scotia to visit us when Dick was dignosed with Parkinsons.