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It’s that time of year again! Play Ball!

CFB Trenton Day at Blue Jays – 1984


In the Spring of 1984 over 600 fans – military personnel & families / DND employees from CFB Trenton made the trip utilizing 15 rented school buses to see and enjoy an afternoon baseball game at the old Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.

5820 Garry “Sky” King, (RMC ’63) Base Commander, threw out the first ball of the game. He threw a perfect letter high sweeping curveball to “Buck” Martinez. The pitch followed a three Hercules flypast that flew over the scoreboard and across the field during the playing of the national anthem by the Canadian Forces Vimy Band to officially start an afternoon of fun.

Oh, those were the days!


Great Quotes:

“Throughout, he showed exceptional courage, leading from the front. And it was because of his strength of character, his willpower, his physical fitness and his tactical acumen,”

11430 Lieutenant-Colonel Rob Walker

“Government procurement officials are getting more savvy,”…

15737 Bryan Brulotte (CMR ’87)

“His early experiences in the cadet program were valuable in providing him with the underlying values, like discipline, perfectionism and pride, that he needed to pursue a military career,”

22852 Shawn Thompson (RMC ’04)

“One time I talked to him and he said, ‘I have to go,’ in a real hurry,” she said. “And I could hear the artillery in the background. That was scary.”

Louise Thompson (Mother of 22852 Shawn Thompson (RMC ’04)

“The army has always been trained to be good at combat, and that is what makes us good peacekeepers – it’s not the other way around,”

Lt. Col Dave MacLeod (outgoing A/Base Commander – CFB Kingston)

“This guy is the real deal. He is unbelievable. He connects with his troops. We could all go to school on how he does it. He is absolutely a soldier’s soldier, and they just love him.”

DAVID WILKINS, USA Ambassador to Canada (describing CDS General Rick Hillier)

“It is increasingly evident that maintenance of the fabric, chattels, artefacts, some presentational aspects of the Royal Memorial Chapel, the Sandhurst historical collection, and the decoration and presentational standard of some of the historical rooms at the academy will be beyond that which we can expect the public purse to maintain.”

General Sir Richard Dannatt, Chief of the General Staff, British Army

“We do a lot of good work, and in this case we did work above and beyond our job so it’s really nice to be recognized as a Squadron for that,”

20940 Sean Morris (RRMC ’97)

“The ship can accommodate up to 160 vehicles on the bottom deck and up to 240 containers on the top deck,”

13072 Daniel Benjamin (RMC ’81)

“There was tremendous support from the families, and a lot of support from the community as well. It’s important to have all that support, or we couldn’t do what we do.Now we’re ready to go and get on with what we’ve trained for.”

15273 David Corbould (CMR RRMC ’87)

“Their work is incredible,” says Capt Goldberg. “And that is the most rewarding part of the RiP for me-seeing your aircraft take off full of troops and equipment ready to help a nation in need.”

22853 Isaac Goldberg (RMC ’04)

“There was a lot of stuff jammed into that last episode.”

21955 Riel Erickson (RMC ’01)


Who Am I?

• I was born at Violet, near Napanee, Ontario, on August 21, 1860.
• I was educated at the Royal Military College in Kingston and upon
graduation was given a commission as a Lieutenant in the Royal
• In 1881, I resigned from the Royal Engineers and worked with the
Geological Survey of Canada, for one year.
• In January 1882, I was appointed an Inspector in the North-West
Mounted Police.
• A contingent under my command travelled to England for Queen
Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, the first occasion on which a
detachment of the Mounted Police was sent overseas.
• In 1899 I was placed in command of the police in the Yukon.
• On August 1, 1890 I was appointed Commissioner of the North-West
Mounted Police.
• As commissioner, I organized a secret service for intelligence
gathering, instituted annual training classes, increased pay rates,
revised regulations related to marriage, formed two squadrons to
fight in the First World War and approved changes to the uniform,
with perhaps the formal adoption of the Stetson being the most noted.
• I was in command in 1904 when King Edward VII added the
title “Royal” to the NWMP.
• When the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan created provincial
police forces the responsibilities of the Force were diminished.
• For a number of years the future of the Force was in doubt, but
during the post war period it proved useful in controlling labour
unrest and I was one of the principal advisors to the government
during the Winnipeg General Strike in 1919.
• My most significant accomplishment occurred in 1920 when I had to
reorganize the Force after it absorbed the Dominion Police into it,
extend police services throughout Canada and move headquarters from
Regina to Ottawa.
• The Force emerged as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
• In 1909, I was awarded the Order of St. Michael and St. George and
in 1920 was given the title “Honorary Aide-de-camp to His Excellency
The Governor General”.
• I retired on April 1, 1923, and was awarded the rank of Major-
General by the Canadian Militia.
• I died in Ottawa on February 14, 1956.

Who Am I?

a) 13. AB Perry
b) 14. JB Cochrane
c) 15. FJ Dixon
d) 16. GE Perley
e) 17. HW Keefer

Correct Answer

We Get – e-mails

Ménard commanded the FMR at Dieppe. The R22e were in the 1st Division which did not participate in the raid. Just to prove to you I read each issue carefully!
Best to you and Rolande.

A120 John Selkirk

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