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ABOUT e-Veritas

With this edition 13 / 2010 – we have reached 200 editions of e-Veritas since 2005:

2005 – 32; 2006 – 28; 2007 – 30; 2008 – 45 and 2009 – 52.

We welcome and encourage you to pass on your comments –  For example:

a) Do you consider it a worthwhile service from the Club?

b) What are your general comments on the contents and the layout?

c) What is your general overall assessment of e-Veritas?

d) Should we continue basically with the same weekly format?

We thank everyone for their feedback.

If you prefer to keep your comments private send us an e-mail:  [email protected]

Avec ce numéro 13/2010 de e-Veritas – nous avons atteint 200 éditions depuis 2005:

2005 – 32; 2006 – 28; 2007 – 30; 2008 – 45 and 2009 – 52.

Nous apprécions et nous vous encourageons à nous faire parvenir vos remarques sur

a) Est-ce un service du Club qui en vaut la peine?

b) Que pensez-vous du contenu et de la présentation?

c) Quelle est votre évaluation, en général, de e-Veritas?

d) Devrions-nous continuer avec le même genre de mise en page hebdomadaire?

Nous vous remercions de vos commentaires.

Si vous préférez que vos commentaires demeurent personnels, veuillez les faire parvenir par courriel : [email protected]



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Sr. Promotions, Appointments, Retirements Announced;

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Meet the Class Secretary of RMC ’58;

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean;

RRMC Memories;

New Naval Monument to Honour Those Lost in The Battle of the Atlantic

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Who am I?

You May Know These 24…But Do You Really Know Them?


  • Victoria Edwards

    March 29, 2010 at 9:55 am

    a) Do you consider it a worthwhile service from the Club?
    Yes, I consider e-veritas to be a worthwhile service from the RMC Club, which is defined by its service mission.By reading e-veritas, readers can learn about club/class service projects, club members learn about the club’s/class’ involvement in local projects and can volunteer their time and/or money. E-veritas does a good job of conveying who, how and where members meet to perform charitable works either by direct hands-on efforts or by raising money for other organizations. The profiles of Club/Class social occasions, networking, and personal growth opportunities encourage involvement.
    b) What are your general comments on the contents and the layout?
    Page layout or page composition is the process of placing and arranging and rearranging text and graphics on the page. The E-veritas has a good composition which is not only pleasing to look at but also effectively conveys the message of the text and graphics to the intended audience of alumni, students, faculty and staff. E-veritas tends to use only two or three typefaces (fonts) in e-veritas, which is just right.
    E-veritas uses multiple images, and keeps them connected both through alignment and proximity. The images are frequently grouped to form a single visual unit and they are aligned in a similar fashion. Since the graphics are used with moderation and with purpose, it supports the text and illustrates the point of the e-veritas articles. E-veritas creates the right balance in the number of text and graphics elements and how they are arranged on the page. E-veritas makes good use of white space around the edges of the page and the edges of text or graphic elements so. The paragraph, line, and letterspacing in e-veritas improves the layout.
    c) What is your general overall assessment of e-Veritas?
    My overall assessment of e-Veritas is very good in terms of photography, writing, layout (love the new layout). I don’t expect the production qualities of e-veritas to be as steady or creative as Veritas, which only comes out twice a year, but they are very good. The weekly e-veritas are a good reflection of the stuff you’ll see in the Veritas magazine. The writing is good and the stories on what is going on at the military colleges, alumni profiles, ongoing research and upcoming conferences/events are helpful.
    d) Should we continue basically with the same weekly format?
    E-veritas should continue basically with the same weekly format, which seems pretty solid. E-veritas is clearly geared to the alumni of the Military Colleges as well as to current students, faculty and staff. I like historical pieces, in particular the skylarks, ghost stories and college traditions. I can keep up with reading all of the e-veritas (they don’t recycle a lot). The special issues up to and on Remembrance Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and end of the year are very good.

  • Reg Watts

    March 29, 2010 at 10:12 am

    “eVeritas provides a unique service to the entire RMC community. It is an invaluable source of topical, fraternal and historical information and news, and provides a locus for renewed ex-cadet interest and participation in College matters. Congratulations to you and to Rolande on reaching this successful milestone with such a high degree of quality and timeliness. As to changes and improvements, you are best positioned to adjust the publication, as you learn how it serves many interests and subsets of the RMC community. For me, it is perfect as it is, I am always impressed with the quantity, quality and timeliness of your work”
    Reg Watts
    Kingston Branch
    RMC Club of Canada

  • 4259 Skip Sears

    March 29, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Dear Bill and Rolande,
    Reg Watts says it all pretty much for me. The improvements in eVeritas are impressive and you seem to keep adding new features. This has become my main source of RMC news.
    Keep up your good work and thanks to you both.