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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Tristan Thomson; Blake Simpson, Erik St Gelais; Colin de Grandpré; ALOY OCdt Victoria Pierrot; Robert Fortier; Belanna McLean; Eli McAlpine &

Denice Zoretich



In This Issue 14:

Ex-Cadets & More in the News

Keeping Tabs…


Looking Back – Notable Ex Cadet: 23577 Gabriel Chassé-Jean: Fearless conduct

Manitoba Branch held a Spring Tea

The C in RMC

Two RMCC Teams Earn Honours at NSA’s 16th Annual Cyber Defense Exercise

2016 Sandhurst Competition: 7 year drought comes to an end

MOC Weekend Pt. 2

26659 OCdt (IV) Andela: e-Veritas’ Lead Correspondent

Lena Beliveau: RMC Museum Curator working on many exciting projects

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

Morale Building Quotes from Bobby Orr


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Nos offres d’emploi


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la Chasse-Galerie = Danny McLeod Athletic Fund

Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal

RMCC cadets win Sandhurst competition at West Point for 5th time

Herc 307: Hello. Well done. Good Bye!

Chasse-Gallerie 2016: More than countin’ beans for 8833 Dr. John Leggat

15345 Lyne Jutras: As chance would have it! Le hasard fait bien les choses!

19365 Adam Lowes: Flying Off to International Test Pilot School

24712 Brent Fisher: Still setting goals high & still achieving them

MOC Weekend: First Year Perspective – Army


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