In This Issue 15

Issue 15 – Table of Contents:

Ex-Cadets and more in the News

Elite Ex Cadet Debater Ends Up In N.Y.C.

Time for Classes To Think Reunions For The Fall: RR52-RMC54 – Quick Off The Mark

Keeping Tabs

Where are they now?

RMC grads hold majority at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar

In Retrospect “Letter from Kandahar” Fifteen Years Later: 12723 Pat Stogran and 12570 Mike Kennedy

Golden Oldies

891 John Roberts: Did Dieppe Disaster Do Him In…Unfairly?

What’s happening at RMC

Top memory for IV Year: Nijmegen march in the Netherlands

Looking Back 7 Years: April 2010

Message Board / Affiche de Message

Leadership by Other Means—Bringing a Concept to Life

Deaths | Décès


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Nos offres d’emploi



16642 BGen Stephen Cadden: A Professional Soldier

5 Ex Cadets & 2PGs Awarded Meritorious Service Decorations

CWHQ experience: 12915 Alain Bedard Class of 1982

15996 Sylvie Leduc (Class of ’87): Learned she could soar with the support of her beloved ‘buds’

Many Branches Have Much on the Go This Time of Year

12570 Mike Kennedy: Perspectives on Physical Fitness – Part II

III Year Has Her Say on the SSAV Report

Branches and Classes – We Need Your Help With The Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign / Promotions et divisions : la campagne « Vérité, devoir, vaillance » a besoin de vous

Prestigious Leadership Award to be Presented to Astronaut Chris Hadfield in Hamilton / Un prestigieux prix de leadership sera présenté à l’astronaute Chris Hadfield à Hamilton

Royal Roads Mast: Join the Guard of Honour

Deadline for registrations – 25 April