Fun Run at RMC Saint-Jean

Article By 26405 OCdt Nicholas S. Huxter

On the morning of April 1st, RMC Saint-Jean had its first annual 5 km Fun Run. Organised by officer cadets of the RMC Running Team, the 5 km run was held entirely within the grounds of the RMC Saint-Jean campus and had 52 participants. Officer Cadets Benjamin Simon, Riley Perrior and Matthew Walsh finished first, second, and third respectively. One notable participant was Officer Cadet Richard Barnes who completed the entire race in Full Fighting Order equipped with gas mask.

The inaugural Fun Run was organized by members of the running team Officer Cadets Benjamin Simon and Matthew Walsh, with their coach Daniel Klein. Their goals were to start a new College tradition, get other officer cadets together in the sport of running, and encourage friendly athletic competition.

This activity is well in-line with one of RMC Saint-Jean’s four pillars, Sports, which encourages officer cadets to participate in sports and physical activities on a daily basis.


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