In This Issue 17

In This Issue 17:

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La Chasse-Galerie = $$$ for Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment Fund

Sandhurst Competition 2011

West Point squad wins Sandhurst Military Skills Competition

MOC Weekend – Cadets Get the Straight Goods Right From the Top

We missed one – 5th Ex-Cadet Running in Federal Election

2011 Vimy Award – call for nominations / Prix Vimy 2011 – appel de nominations

T.D.V. and What It Means to You

Professor G. F. Dalsin – Faculty, Royal Roads Department of Mathematics 1948 – 1978

Careers | Carrières

Did you know?

Opinion: Backing the fleet of F-35s

Sports photos from the near & distant past

Who Am I?

Deaths | Décès