In This Issue – 19

In This Issue – 19

From the left – Dr. Mike Bardon, the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Cordite Foundation, presents copies of the Foundation’s newly published book, Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada 1876-2018, to RMC’s Commandant, BGen Sébastien Bouchard, and its Principal, Dr. Harry Kowal.

Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada 1876-2018

The Cordite Foundation has just published a new book, Mechanical Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada 1876-2018.

The book is a historical perspective on the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Royal Military College of Canada, including its students, its staff and its programs.  In addition to Mechanical Engineering the book also covers the Engineering and Management Program and the Aeronautical Engineering Program that were/are offered at RMC.  The book features the annual class photographs of the departments’ graduates covering each of the three degree disciplines, starting from 1952.  It also includes photos and brief descriptions of most of the professors, technicians and departmental administrative staff.

Each chapter of the book covers a period of significance to the development of RMC and the department.  Each provides a resumé of significant world events, Canadian political events, developments in the Canadian Forces and advances in technology that occurred in the period covered by the chapter.  The chapters then go on to explain how the department and its programs evolved, as influenced by those contexts.  The authors, Michael Bardon, Pierre Bussières, Kristin Hadfield, Graham Lindsay and Craig Moffatt, have brought to the book their experiences and perspectives as students, researchers, professors, department heads and deans.

Even if you have no direct affiliation with the department, the book still provides an interesting description of the development of technology, engineering and engineering education in Canada, as well as infrastructure changes at RMC, from before the College was created until the present.

The English version of the book (427 pages) is available now from the Gift Shop of the RMC Club of Canada, to both walk-in and internet-aided customers.

The French version of the book (437 pages) is currently undergoing its final editorial review and will be in stock and available for purchase from the Gift Shop before the end of June 2018.

Both the English and French texts are/will be available in both soft and hard cover editions.  The cost of the soft cover edition is $33 before tax for members of the RMC Club and $38 for non-members.  If you want the hard cover version the price goes up by $10.

All the proceeds from sales of the book will be split between the RMC Club of Canada and the Cordite Foundation.


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Table of Contents

1. Selection processes for the position of RMC Principal / Processus de sélection pour le poste de recteur du CMR
2. Ex Cadets and more in the news
3. Medical Dr. 21291 Jen Purdy: “Applying lifestyle medicine principles”
4. Golden Oldies
5. Keeping Tabs
6. 7108 John Penney, Class of ’67 – Great memories of both ‘Birch’ & ‘Pic’
7. Sharon Miklas has much to say about the fiery ‘Me too’ speech by Barb Maisonneuve
8. 8500 Chris Ford, Secretary, Class of ’70: railroad democracy at it’s finest!
9. What’s Happening At RMC
10. Top 5: Movin’ out day, just around the corner!
11. H6604 Jim Carruthers generous above & beyond; Legacy Dinner – Sep 13th
12. Liam Chambers: Another slant on leadership
13. The amazing life & times of 4669 Toivo Roht – Class Secretary, 1960
14. The Combat Heavy Force Reserve–A Drama of the First War with Iraq
15. Deaths

16. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – Nos offres d’emploi
17.  Archives – Here