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NOTE: We have chosen, at this time, to refrain from making any mention to the October 4th, 2014 alleged incident that occurred at RMCC until more facts become available.

In This Issue21:


Class of ’89 maintains the reins

A New Year and a New Commandant

Ex-Cadets in the News

Keeping Tabs…


John Plant Named a Principal Emeritus

13706 Larry Aitken: Embracing challenge in a distinguished career

Looking back through the 1973 Review…

23604 Tawfiq Ghadban working with 30 countries around the world


2015 Convocation Update List

“Mama Meinzinger”: recounting life at RMCC as “College Mom”

On Following Leaders and Leading Followers

Royal Military College Saint-Jean Milskills Team

Morale Building Quotes from Aviator Amelia Earhart
Jobs – Careers / Carrières



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Ottawa Golf Tournament Update

Retirements | Retraites / 13834 LCol Jeff Barr

Heritage Lane Project RMC / CMR Saint-Jean Projet du chemin patrimonial


A 75th Anniversary Update on the Royal Roads Paverstone Project



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