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  Photo: HMCS KINGSTON (Submitted by 8120 Bill Gard)

As HMCS KINGSTON rounds the iconic Martello Tower at the Royal Military College, her crew ready their ship to secure to the jetty at Kingston, Ontario.  KINGSTON has returned to her namesake city for a “Show the Flag” visit on 12 July 2013.

Roger Litwiller Collection, courtesy Roger Litwiller. (RTL26530)

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e-Veritas Update:

Rolande and I are doing fine. However, we are expecting to be busy with a number of ‘other’ events over the next week or two.

This includes a couple of out-of-town visits, one of which, includes our son, Willie, in from British Columbia.

Consequently, we have decided that Issue #25 will be at least a week late.

Look for us again on or around 11 July.

Thank you.

Rolande et moi nous portons bien. Cependant, nous nous attendons à être occupés à certains autres « événements » au cours des deux prochaines semaines.

Nous recevrons notamment des visiteurs de l’extérieur, dont notre fils, Willie, de Colombie-Britannique.

Par conséquent, nous avons décidé que le numéro 25 sera au moins une semaine en retard. Nous vous retrouverons vers le 11 juillet.


Bill Oliver


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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Colin de Grandpré, ALOY cadet, Victoria Pierrot, & Belanna McLean.



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Chasse-Gallerie 2016, 8836 Clark Little: “Chance to finally payback Danny McLeod”

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Notable Ex Cadets: 7441 Ken Summers

Where are they now? 6559 The Rev. Dr. Gerry Mueller

Photos: Golden Oldies

12 Tips for Showing Leadership During Your Staff Time

End of Academic Year Convocation and Graduation Ceremony at the CFC – Toronto

27064 Officer Cadet Gabriel Paquet – Designated CSL 7 Sqn

Spinning on the RMCC Pier

In Brief

Mike Kennedy Reviews: Baptism of Fire & Victory at Vimy

Morale Building Quotes from Red Adair

Deaths | Décès

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XIX Legacy Dinner – 22 September 2016

6513 John Bart & 7076 John van Haastrecht 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Friendly Reminder for Roadents – Join the Guard of Honour at the Royal Roads Mast

8816 Marius Grinius: “South China Sea and the New Great Game” 

1999: The year the Toronto Maple Leafs came calling…

Mike Kennedy remembers: H15200 Gilles Lamontagne

ALOY: “You’ve Come A Long Way”



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