In This Issue 25

Issue 25 – Table of Contents:

 Ex Cadets and more in the news / Anciens et autres dans les nouvelles

Friday afternoon with BGen Friday

Colin Marsh: Appreciates help provided by soon-to-be member of the Old Brigade

Suzanne Burt: RMCC longtime Librarian excited & looks forward to upcoming upgrades

4806 John Whitaker: “Return to sender” – 1956 letter from a ‘recruit’ to his ‘pal’ back home…

Golden Oldies

Trio of Ex Cadets: Gentlemen and Scholars / Gentlemen et universitaires

Keeping Tabs

Summer on the peninsula: Most cadets wouldn’t recognize it!

Fueled With Pride

4 faces from the academic wing. Also, an unrelated article: Sometimes students have legitimate complaints about teaching & more

Message Board / Affiche de Messages

Leveraging a Combat Engineer Platoon

Readers have their say with comments



CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Nos offres d’emploi



12141 RAdm (Ret’d) Bryn Weadon receives prestigious Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

17696 Sylvain Graveline: ’91 grad brings much to the classroom

9143 Bruce McAlpine: Entering the Old Brigade with many great memories

THE DEVIL’S BRIGADE Movie: Behind the scenes with a Canadian Army Major

8475 Rem Westland: Getting from There to Here

11 July 2017: Depart with Dignity – 21991 Major Paul Hungler

Birchall Leadership Award Dinner – 28 Oct

Royal Roads Mast: Join the Guard of Honour


Happy 150th!

Canada’s biggest celebrity cheerleader!

Don Cherry