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Michael A. Rostek – New E.D. for RMC Club

Calling all Branch Presidents, Class Secretaries &

those with an e-mail account through MEGRAM our web site service provider

Reunion Weekend 29 Sep to 2 Oct – Update

La Chasse-Galerie: Inching to the Starting Line

RMC Remembers 9 / 11 & Colombian Military Visit

2011 Petawawa Ironman & Harrier Race & Sports Day

1st Years Speak Out on FYOP

Musiciens du CMRC représentés au Festival international des Musiques militaires à Québec

SSM Hub of Activity

Careers | Carrières Thank you | merci

Births | naissances

Deaths | Décès

First Year @ RMC – Extracts from 1949 Diary: 3069 W. A. McColl

Who Is He? Just Retired…Function Coming Up Soon