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Very soon, a new book about a timeless place will be available. Traditions of/d’ Excellence, a hardcover book about RMC, will be launched Tuesday, September 20, at 10 a.m. in the Senior Staff Mess. All are welcome to join in celebrating the arrival of our book and our history of achievements!

Très bientôt, un nouvel ouvrage sur un endroit intemporel sera disponible. Traditions of/d’excellence, un livre relié sur le CMRC, sera lancé le mardi 20 septembre, à 10 h, au Mess des officiers et des cadres. Tous sont invités à célébrer l’arrivée de notre livre et l’histoire de nos accomplissements !

For everyone returning for Reunion Weekend – look to purchase a copy at Panet House

À tous ceux qui reviennent pour la fin de semaine des anciens – vous pourrez en acheter une copie à la Maison Panet





Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages to visit the College

In the spirit of the College’s 140th anniversary and the Language Centre’s 40th, the Principal, Dr. Harry Kowal, the Interim Dean of Arts, Dr. Jim Denford and the Language Centre’s Director, Robert Paquet are pleased to welcome on campus Canada’s Commissioner of Official Languages, Mr. Graham Fraser.

He will visit RMCC to discuss and promote bilingualism in the CAF and Canada in general. He will also answer questions from the audience.

This address will take place on Friday 16 September at 9:00 am in Currie Hall, and will be held in both official languages.

Everyone with an interest in the country’s linguistic duality is welcome to attend!


Le commissaire aux langues officielles du Canada rend visite au Collège

Dans l’esprit des célébrations entourant le 140e anniversaire du Collège ainsi que les 40 ans du Centre des langues, le recteur, M. Harry Kowal, Ph.D., le doyen des arts intérimaire, M. Jim Denford, Ph.D. et le directeur du Centre des langues, Robert Paquet sont heureux d’accueillir sur le campus le commissaire aux langues officielles du Canada, M. Graham Fraser.

Il viendra au CMRC discuter et promouvoir le bilinguisme dans les FAC et le Canada en général. Il répondra aussi aux questions du public.

Cette allocution se tiendra le vendredi 16 septembre à 9 h, dans la salle Currie, dans les deux langues officielles.

C’est un rendez-vous si la dualité linguistique du pays vous intéresse!


In This Issue 35:

 Ex Cadets in the news…

8788 Geoff Bennett (RMC 1971): Mastermind behind the La Chasse-Galerie

Golden Oldies

Keeping Tabs…

RMCC: The new academic year gets underway

From the Frontlines of FYOP & Insightful (I) Year Perspectives

Common Denominator for 2016 FYOP Leaders: Commitment

26885 NCDT Benjamin Antworth – D Division – Cadet Division Leader: On top of things early

Must be September – pace picks-up on the peninsula

CMR Saint-Jean La Course à obstacles / RMC Saint-Jean The Obstacle Course

Reminiscences of the Royal Military College By One of the Old 18

Leadership and Effective Organizational Safety and Health

Morale Building Quotes from John McCain



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Scott Howells and Colin de Grandpré


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The R.C.M.P. and the R.M.C. connection


Reunion Weekend 2016 on the Peninsula



A tip of the hat to the following members who just recently updated their Club membership status – Chapeau aux membres suivant qui ont tout récemment mis à jour leur adhésion au Club:

 3461 George Jackson; 10468 Jerry Pitzul.

For memberships due to expire soon; please contact us asap with your renewal.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

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15 paddlers ready to go!

The crew of La Chasse-Galerie 2016 would like to thank all those who have donated to the Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment Fund over the last two years and all those who have helped us on our way.

The canoe leaves Ottawa at 0745 on Friday, 16 Sep, after saluting LGen Paul Wynnyk, Commander of the Army, in front of the National Arts Centre. The crew will salute BGen Sean Friday, Commandant of RMC, beside the Memorial Arch at 1510 on Thursday, 22 Sep. You can follow the progress of the canoe on social media:



V’la l’bon vent!

8788 Geoff Bennett

Le bourgeois de la chasse-galerie



Varsity Sports scoreboard:

(W) Soccer:

Sat 10 Sep Trent 3 – RMC 2

Sun 11 Sep RMC 0 @ UOIT 8

(M) Soccer:

Sat 10 Sep Trent 2 – RMC 0

Sun 11 Sep RMC 1  @ UOIT  3

(M) Rugby:

RMC 5 @ UWO  53

More OUA sports details Here