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REUNION  WEEKEND – Let the Fun Begin! Here for details

Ex Cadets, Family & Friends who will be participating in the various events this weekend are reminded to “dress for the weather”.

Feedback: We encourage and invite you to leave your comments in our “comment section” as to – What you liked…and / or  what you didn’t like during Reunion Weekend.

Late Breaking News… Class 1983 have moved their Saturday night function from The Keg to The Radisson Hotel, Dave Wu is still the contact.



To all of you who are not members of the RMC Club including family & friends of Cadets – who will be on the college grounds this weekend – membership forms will be available at Panet House – friday, saturday & sunday.

For those who are not currently members of the Club and will not be on the college grounds this weekend – we really do miss you!  Please take out a membership here.

A vous tous qui ne sont pas membres du Club des CMR — y compris famille et amis de cadets — et qui seront au Collège cette fin de semaine, il y aura des formulaires d’adhésion disponibles à Panet House ce vendredi, samedi et dimanche.

Pour ceux qui ne sont pas actuellement membres du Club et que ne se joindront pas à nous pour cette fin de semaine – nous allons vous manquer! Vous pouvez vous inscrire au Club ICI.

Be sure to shop at the RMC Gift Shop located at Panet House!


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