In This Issue 36: Reunion Weekend 2013 & More…

Right off the top, we want to acknowledge the tremendous “volunteer” support we received from various Cadets and Cpl Jamie Montgomery, in putting this edition – Issue 36 together: In no particular order:

26659 Daniella Andela, 26704 Delanie Chang, 26103 Greg Hamel, 26664 Zach Marshall, 26173 Emily Morgan, 26352 Curtis Maynard, 26346 Dan Ryan, 26613 Kyra Smith and 26573 Denice Zoretich.

In This Issue 36: Reunion Weekend 2013 & More…

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Legacy Dinner: Straight From Outer Space

The Reality of Governance

Reunion Weekend: First Year Obstacle Course

Class of 2017 March Into the Wing Bursting With Confidence

Wall of Honour: A Very Dignified Ceremony

A Fitting End to a Great Reunion Weekend

Family & Friends Share the Experience

Sports & Recreation

Ex-Cadets in the News…

Behind the Scenes Look and Reunion Weekend Through the Eyes of a II Year

60th Anniversary of the RMC Band

Course de l’Armée

3069 W.A. McColl’s – III Year – 1951: “After the show we had a “jousting match” between 3 boats representing the army, navy and air force.”

Deaths | Décès