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WO 1 JJT  McManus Sword Presented to RMC

By 27832 OCdt (II) Pablo Cardona, 12 Sqn, e-Veritas Chief Correspondent

Early Saturday morning, a historic event, years in the making, transpired in the Mackenzie building, right across from the office of the College Chief Warrant Officer CCWO).

During his time at RMC, the CCWO, CPO1 Davidson, wanted to recognize the contribution of his predecessors to the RMC community. Thus, a  project was born. The aim was to find the names / ranks / the titles (which changed from time-to-time over the years. The now retired CPO1 with the assistance of others researched through various documents dating back to 1876.

After coming up with the full list, a large display board was installed across from his office with the names of those who came before him. However, the display case underneath was still empty. When the current CCWO, CWO Garth Hoegi, arrived at the college in June, he agreed to continue this  project.

On Saturday, of Reunion Weekend, the next phase of the project came to fruition when the McManus family presented the sword to the College as well as his decorations and other military memorabilia.

The McManus family was accompanied by CWO Hoegi, the College Sergeant Major, MWO Rideout and the Commandant, BGen Friday. During the ceremony, the son of CWO McManus, who works in defence procurement, addressed the small gathering on the impact that the former chief had on several generations of ex-cadets. The commandant also spoke.

As an institution, RMC is very proud of its history and the contribution that its graduates have made to Canadian society. NCMs have always been a key part of the development of OCdts and recognizing their efforts is an important part of our history.

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