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In This Issue 38

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RMCC Receives Three-Part Gift Worth More than $1.45 Million from John van Haastrecht

Old Brigade Rooks Take Their Bikes to the Road – Ottawa to Kingston – Raise 30K

VIP Reception for La Chasse-Gallerie

Legacy Dinner

Obstacle Course

Saturday: A Long Busy Day

Ex-Cadets Win Tom Pijper Memorial Challenge Cup & More Sport

Families’ Take on Reunion Weekend

March to the Arch

The Week That Was & More at RMCC

Ex-Cadets in the News

Week 4 – First Year @ RMC – Extracts from 1949 Diary: 3069 W. A. McColl

Careers | Carrières

Deaths | Décès

One Comment

  • 8423 Jeff Holt

    October 2, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Why are some abbreviations of the Royal Military College written as RMCC in e-Veritas this year. Everything I have ever read, received, bought, donated to, etc in reference to RMC has called it RMC since its founding in 1876. Royal Roads has been RRMC and College Militaire Royale de St Jean has always been CMR. Distinctive translations are easy. Usage of RMC is a very important historic and ongoing usage and is a branding that should be maintained. Was any directive issued to change this and if so, by whom? Whether it was just an editorial bright idea or a conscious decision by someone in the chain of command, I most strongly recommend that it be changed and that e-Veritas return to the use of RMC as previously used for the last 135 years. Add a city location if you must to avoid ambiguity but RMC has rightly entered the lexicon of Canada and should remain.