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140 Club

The response for membership to the 140 Club has been very positive to date. A reminder we will need confirmation for memberships by 31 Oct 4PM – Eastern Time, so we can meet the deadline for printing of the VERITAS magazine. More details for 140 Club here.

Confirmed & proud 140 Club Members to date:

2831 Cameon Crowe; 2851 Ben Young; H2897 Herb Pitts; 3069 Bill McColl; 3080 Paul Preville; 3185 Fred Aldworth; 3201 Aus Cambon; 3221 Jon Jennekens; 3234 Fred Mallett; 3334 Dave Wightman; 3342 Craig Moffatt; H3356 Robin Cumine; 3528 Paul Manson; H3550 Murray Johnston; 3557 John R Rutherford; 3567 Jim Shantora; 3630 Mamoru Sugimoto; 3673 John Jory; 3798 William Lynn; H3918 Al Roberts;

H3948 John Plant; 3959  Phil Smith; 4107 Rod Harris-Lowe; 4259 Skip Sears; 4270 Sean Henry; H4377 Richard Evraire; 4459 Edward Murray; 4467 R Brian Smale; 4477 Tony Manson; 4526 Humphrey Sheridan; 4606 Warner Sharkey; 4672 Paul Corbeil;  5045 Ralph Awrey; 5105 Jack Granatstein; 5207 Andrew Robb; 5244 Tony Downs; 5307 Herb Widdifield; 5333 Gaetan Boyer; 5337 Bob Carr; 5480 Gary Ferguson;

5533 Glenn Allen; 5586 Ian Mottershead; 5604 Ken Smee; 5675 Dennis Apedaile; 5706 David H Douglas; 5718 Jim Cadieux; 5780 Bernie Laliberte; 5877 Ted Davie; 6352 Vil Auns; 6371 Peter Cooke; 6439 Hugh Spence; 6440 Anthony Goode; 6475 Mike Houghton; 6508 John Adams; 6541 Fraser Holman; 6543 Ron Jackson; 6559 Gerry Mueller; 6566 Doug Ross; 6611 Doug Cope; 6612 Bruce Corbett;

6630 Peter Glynn; 6655 Cecil Lukenbill; 6772 Bob Mason; 6776 Tim Sparling; 6777 Michel Charron; 6810 Gilles Nappert; 6913 John Hosang; 6999 Randy Gynn; 7264 Ross Betts; 7278 Peter Fosbery; 7530 Fletcher Thomson; 7602 Tom Smallman; 7753 Chris Hordal; 7761 Michael Johnson; 7826 Ivan Wawryk; 7838 Henri Cardinal; 7855 Paul Hession; 7904 Normand Levert; 8027 Ron Dickenson; 8074 Doug Smith;

8360 David Shaw; 8408 Mike Darch; 8469 James Simpson; 8475 Rem Westland; 8816 Marius Grinius; 8851 John Moyer; 9143 Bruce McAlpine; 9598 Marc Poitras;  9711 Tom Robinson; 9884 Bob Banks; 9914 Robert Craig; 9926 Brian Eatock; 9985 Derek Lovlin; 10080 Bob Booth;  10209 Chris Chance;10218 Paul Crober; 10263 Don Lovell; 10277 John Miller; 10329 Shaun Tymchuk; 10420 Charles Kaszap;

10531 David Casarsa; 10642 Doug Wright; 10675 Pete  Elliott; 10744 Harley Rogers; 10950 David Hall; 11002 Bill Sergeant; 11127 Douglas J Moore; 11564 Doug Southen; 12059 Jacques Gagne; 12141 Bryn Weadon; 12192 Tom Lawson; 13125 Mike Knowles; 13143 Mark McQuillan; 13605 Greg Caws; 13789 Darren Rich; 13987 Bryan Bailey; 14420 Scott Durie; 14458 Harry Kowal; 14596 Dean Milner;  14892 Tim Patriquin;

15928 Marek Wakulczyk; 16130 Matt Oliver; 16442 Bill Griffs; 16493 Chand Sooran; 17063 Alain Bouchard; 17362 Don Ludlow; 17834 Jim Fasano; 18889 Bob Rodgers; 20510 Dave Hall; 21736 Adam Bruce; 22139 Tom Wyand; 22888 Dugald Thomson; 22471 Shannon Goudie; 22898 Nick Wheeler; 23604 Tawfiq Ghadban; 23785 Matt McLeod; 23988 Gino Bruni; 24712 Brent Fisher; 24992 Eric Robb; 25573 Dave Neppel;

25840 Tucker Densmore; 27249 Michael Cambare; S125 Bill Oliver; S137 Don Macnamara; Family & Friends:  Norman Cole;


What Club members have to say:

“The book arrived today – it is a beautiful representation of college life, history and values.”

8027 Ron Dickenson – Class of 1969


“Received my ‘gift’ in the mail today. What a beautiful book. I will certainly enjoy it. Thanks and all the best…..”

TDV 4467 Brian Smale


“The book arrived today and at first glance, in fact several glances, is an excellent addition to my RMC library. Thanks for sending it!”

8851 John Moyer


The book arrived in the morning mail and I have enjoyed every single page and the wonderful pictures – a real memory bank!!

3673 John Jory


“Count me in!”

We are well aware that a number of our regular readers (Ex cadets & others) could have the intention to join the 140 Club but their busy schedules get in the way and they have NOT filled out the form.

Not a problem!

Just send us a note with the subject heading – “Count me in”.

Provide college number (if applicable) first and last names only and a postal address so we can mail out the ‘book’. . We can sort out the administrative and financial details down the road. [email protected]

We are looking for more ‘Count me in’ members over the next few days.

A reminder, to make the VERITAS page we will need coordinates (not payment) NLT 31 Oct 4PM – Eastern Time.



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Tks to our volunteer photographers for this Issue:

Scott Howells; Colin de Grandpré; Stefan Janjic – Ben Burnell; Wilson Ho; Tristan Thomson; and Tim Robichaud
(Sorry, if we missed anyone)

In This Issue 41:

Ex-Cadets & more in the News

Golden Oldies…

New look for e-Veritas just around the corner

Keeping Tabs…

Proud “Poppa”, 8457 Rev. Paul Robinson: badges his grandson

What ever happened to: Dr. Ron Weir

Looking for chemistry grads

27026 NCdt Pouliot-Maillette, EL: Questions et réponse sur le leadership


RMCC Cadets: in training & supporting the local community

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean 

Who said What…When?

Reorganizing a Mechanized Infantry Company




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Join the 140 Club / Adhérez au club 140

23413 Mitchell Atkinson: ‘D’ Division Commander

25276 Ben Apedaile & 2 friends making a positive difference in Peru

 Qu’est-il arrivé à Robert Charette? What ever happened to Robert Charette?

Future CAF leader: 26893 OCdt Mitchell Hewson

Canadian reservists attend NATO course /

Des réservistes canadiens participent à un cours de l’OTAN

Who said it? When?

Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign Supports 2017 European Battlefield Tour




A tip of the hat to the following members who just recently updated their Club membership status – Chapeau aux membres suivant qui ont tout récemment mis à jour leur adhésion au Club:

3949 Angus Armstrong; 4406 George F Williamson; 4906 Stan Franklin; 5181 William Jones; 5215 Larry Springford; 8053 Ken Malyon; 15519 Sandra Sukstorf (Hawes) Lifetime Membership; 17409 John Weigelt Lifetime Membership; 25574 Maxime Rivard Lifetime Membership; 26987 Simon Ewing – Student lifetime membership; A167 Bernard Hamel.

For memberships due to expire soon; please contact us asap with your renewal.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

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