RMCC Expedition Club Announces Canadian Arctic Expedition

The RMCC Expedition Club is excited to announce Arctic 2013, a two week adventure that will take RMCC Officer Cadets to the most northern reaches of Canada, and challenge them physically and mentally. The expedition will take place during summer leave in August 2013, and will involve a challenging eight day trek through Marvin Peninsula, situated at the northern tip of Ellesmere Island near Alert. It is the most northern land hike in the world, and will expose them to a part of Canada where few have ever set foot.

Team selections for nine motivated and adventurous Cadets will take place at the beginning of the winter term under the direction of 16990 LCol (Ret) Steve Nash, and from there the team will begin training. The challenging trek will expose the future officers to leadership and survival challenges, and will provide them with a greater understanding of Canada and the issues facing the Canadian Arctic.

“To most southerners the Arctic remains what it was to their counterparts centuries and perhaps even millennia ago: the ultimate other world.” – Robert McGhee

To the ends of the earth.


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