In This Issue 46

Caption: Ceremonial puck drop by RMCC commandant -BGen Sean Friday at the Kingston Frontenac’s Military Appreciation Night – Nov 6th at the K-Rock Centre. (See more in the article below)



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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Blake Simpson, Erik St Gelais; Colin de Grandpré; ALOY OCdt Victoria Pierrot & Denice Zoretich



Morale Building Quotes for Remembrance Day:

“But the freedom they fought for, and the country they wrought for, is their monument today and for aye.”

– Thomas Dunn English

“A man’s country is not a certain area of land mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle, and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.”

– George William Curtis

“The most persistent sound throughout man’s history has been the beating of war drums.”

– Arthur Koestler

“Valour is stability, not of arms and legs, but of courage and the soul.”

– Michel de Montaigne

“The living owe it to those who can no long speak to tell their story for them.”

– Czeslaw Milosz

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In This Issue 46:

Ex Cadets in the News

10209 Chris Chance: Iran Caper article brings back memories

Keeping Tabs…

Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal

Royal Roads Remembrance Day

11 Nov – Sonnet part of impressive ceremony

3251 Jim Tremain: Good reason to be nostalgic

ALOY: Ottawa 11 Nov visit – “awe-inspiring”

The Week That Was

OUA Sports & more

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

Jobs – Careers / Carrières

Deaths | Décès (3)

18808 Damian Brooks: former Redmen still passionate about RMCC rugby



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