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12570 Mike Kennedy: Some Memories of 2816 Brigadier General W.W. Turner

Optimistic Paladins coach looks to the future

RMCC Military Skills Team resting up over the holidays prior to the

Big push in Mexico and then West Point (Sandhurst competition)

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Truth, Duty, Valour Campaign 2016 Update


 1980s: The Dark Years of the Canadian Forces

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Final Issue for 2016

By: Bill & Rolande Oliver

As the days wind down in 2016 we like many others reflect on the past 12 months.

This is Issue 49 for the year. Readers may wonder if we are s-l-o-w-i-n-g down. After all, in 2015, we pumped out 50.

The deaths of three of our siblings and a dear nephew did cut into our schedule. We travelled to Montreal twice; to Saint John, NB twice – all by car. Not an excuse. Just a reality.

The year certainly was not all sadness and gloom.

We continue to work – ‘work’ is not the correct word – at our age we’re supposed to be doing something other than ‘work’. Whatever it is, we will continue to keep doing what we’re doing as long as we can.

We expect changes within the Club operation during 2017.

Bryan Bailey (photo left with WW Turner who passed away recently) has decided to call it a day after three outstanding plus years as RMC Club, Executive Director. His replacement will be named soon and is expected to start at Panet House on or around the 1st of March.

Tony Goode, Club president will see his term end during the upcoming Reunion Weekend.

So changes at the top coming. What will it mean? Time will tell.

Over the past month or so we have mentioned too that there will also be changes to the e-Veritas layout and format. We expect the new ‘look’ to start during the second week in Jan.

We would be remiss in not thanking all those who have helped us out over the past 12 months in putting out these 49 Issues. Regular contributors like Tom Rozen, Mike Kennedy and Victoria Edwards have been super reliable and their work is at a standard that any Newsletter Editor would welcome.

Our cadet volunteer photographers led by IV Year OCdt Scott Howells have fed us a steady diet of great photo albums week in and week out. If you’re not familiar with the Flickr link – go here.


Regular write-ups from other OCdts namely, Pablo Cardona; Carmen Kiltz; Eliza Bruce; and Anna Dillman during the first team ensured we did not lose a step from the previous term; when we had Danielle Andella, Denice Zoretich and Erik St-Gelais doing most of the heavy lifting before they went off after graduating.


We appreciate too the current research work done by OCdt Tyler Rolfe. The go-to-guy behind the scenes is helping us, a whole lot, during the transition to the new e-V format is OCdt Josh Siu.

Once again we want to thank our regular readers who provide us with a ton of support and / or encouragement.

We received a nice note from the Club president, Tony Goode (pictured above leading the parade back from the Memorial Arch Ceremony, Sunday, Reunion Weekend 2016) : “As we approach the Christmas Season, we should pause to remember and recognize the sacrifices of those soldiers, sailors and air force personnel including some of our members, who are deployed overseas and who will not be able to join their families and loved ones for this joyous holiday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we wish a speedy and safe return home. On behalf of the RMC Club of Canada, please accept my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

On behalf of Bryan Bailey and the rest of the Club, Panet House staff we wish all of you who are celebrating Christmas – a Merry Christmas; to all the others – happy holidays.