In This Issue 49


1. e-Veritas Fundraiser on Behalf of the Club: Friends Come Through! See list
2. Ex-Cadets and More in the News & Tip of the Hat
3. 26188 Steven Trainor: Final ACSO to Train as a Sea King TACCO
4. 21407 Jen Causey: “If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander”
5. Golden Oldies
6. Happenings On and Around the Peninsula plus sports…
7. 28560 Bennett Dickson: Impressions of RMC a Semester Later
8. Dr. B Asks, “What are you reading?”
9. 17160 Stephen Kalyta Talks Exam Routine
10. Keeping Tabs…
11. RMC Club Branches: Holiday Festivities & Invites
12. Ottawa Branch Kick Starts RMC Expedition Club Kilimanjaro Campaign But There’s Still a Long Way to Go
13. 4270 Sean H. Henry: The Canadian Defence Conundrum
14. Always Have a Plan B and Even a Plan C
15. Deaths

16. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES (sponsored) Nos offres d’emploi       

17. Archives – Here

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