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The Royal Military College of Canada will commemorate Flag Day on Wednesday, 10 February with a parade on the Parade Square, from 0735 to 0750hrs.

The Cadet Wing will be on parade by division. All RMCC Military personnel shall attend and be seated in the bleachers. Civilian College Staff, Faculty and Students are encouraged to attend and be seated in the bleachers.

All guests are requested to be seated NLT 0730hrs. Dress is dress of the day.


Le Collège militaire royal du Canada commémorera la journée du drapeau national ce mercredi le 10 février par un défilé sur le terrain de parade de 07 h 35 à 07 h 50.

L’Escadre des Élof se rassemblera par division. Tout le personnel militaire du CMRC sera placé dans les gradins. Le personnel civil, les professeurs et les étudiants sont cordialement invités à participer et prendre place dans les gradins.

Tous les invités sont priés d’être dans leurs place au plus tard 07 h 30. La tenue du jour est de mise.


Photo by – 26503 Luke Brannigan (Click on photo for better viewing)



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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Tristan Thomson; Blake Simpson, Erik St Gelais; Colin de Grandpré; ALOY OCdt Victoria Pierrot & Denice Zoretich



In This Issue 6:

Ex-Cadets & more in the news

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22103 Laura Sheppard CSL 4 Squadron – Class of 2001

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L’ ancien cadet parle de ses expériences

Leaders of tomorrow have their say…

The Week That Was…

Paladins respectable season coming to a close

Professional Military Training – 3 February

Second Year Cadet Compares Peninsula Parking to Downtown T.O._ _ _ _ _

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The Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston 1921 – 1925:

Trials & Tribulations of First Year

Morale Building Quotes from U Thant

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Nos offres d’emploi



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