In This Issue 8

In This Issue 8:

Ex-Cadets & more in the News

Class Notes…

What do these four have in common?

Direct from Panet House

7830 John Wood: Persistence Paid Off

Remembering a former RRMC commandant

Keeping Tabs…

Quiet on the peninsula this time of year

Cadets, speak to cadet candidates on character, integrity and more

Des élèves-officiers du CMR Saint-Jean au Défi Pierre Boivin pour le CHU Sainte-Justine

Club des anciens du CMR au canada Chapitre Fort Saint-Jean /

Fort Saint-Jean Branch

Jobs – Careers / Carrières (8)

Morale Building Quotes from Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz

Vietnam Revisited By 12570 Mike Kennedy


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2015 Celebrations for 75 Years of Excellence at Royal Roads


A tip of the hat to the following members who just recently updated their Club membership status: Chapeau aux membres suivants qui ont tout récemment mis à jour leur adhésion au Club: 4581 Don McBride; 6216 William J Anderson.

(Because of a staff member holiday last week, we did not have time to process a number of the completed membership forms that we received recently.)

Special thanks to the 12 members of the (m) varsity rugby team who recently signed up for lifetime memberships through the pay deduction program. We are pleased to report that there are now 39 cadets from the (m) rugby team who are either full paid-up members or who are currently paying their membership through the pay deduction program. We understand others from the team are thinking seriously of joining up soon too.


(For those who have let their membership lapse during 2014 & before – we miss you. Please update soon.)

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