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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Tristan Thomson; Blake Simpson, Erik St Gelais; Colin de Grandpré; ALOY OCdt Victoria Pierrot & Denice Zoretich



In This Issue 8:

Ex-Cadets & More in the News

7918 Allan Dunlop: Rare Feat, 7 Years as a member of the Cadet Wing

2016 Chasse-Gallerie: 8684 Peter Holt is Back!

Keeping Tabs…

15582 Heather Thorne-Albright: Went from Recorded Warning to Four Bars

College Chief: The Real Deal

Une expérience inoubliable – Battlefield Tour 2016 – Life changing experience

BF 2016: Emotional roller coaster

The Week That Was and More…

Parents of e-Veritas volunteers speak from their hearts

26972 Chantel Fortier (III): Little things meant a lot when times were tough

Future U.S. Chiefs of Staff Visit RMC as West Point Cadets

Morale Building Quotes from Sir Edmund Hillary


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Nos offres d’emploi



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la Chasse-Galerie = Danny McLeod Athletic Fund

Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal

6993 Scott Gibson & his “dream team” nailing any challenge that comes their way

8372, André N. Vachon – CMR ’60/’70: Author / Auteur

25281 Dana Batho: Creative thinking for military minds

24175 Lt (N) Natalie Mailhot-Montgrain Naval officer gives cadets the scoop

Atelier sur « La nouvelle militarisation de la politique étrangère russe » /

Workshop on the New Militarization of the Russian Foreign Policy


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