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Melanie Hughes, James Howells, Tristan Thomson; Blake Simpson, Erik St Gelais; Colin de Grandpré; ALOY OCdt Victoria Pierrot & Denice Zoretich



In This Issue 48:

16009 Steve Molaski: #23 on his jersey; #1 in their hearts

Troy Merrick: The life & times of Steve Molaski

Ex-Cadets & more in the news

La Chasse-Galerie 2016 Rideau Canoe Trip

Keeping Tabs…

  Kingston Fall Dinner & Christmas / Holiday Functions

The Week That Was…(Cadets perspective)

26565 NCdt Kyle English: Big time summer experience

Queens Model U.N. Invitational: Scarlets Shine

Catching up with the news…

OUA / Old Gym: Major Facelift / Aero/Mech Soccer

Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

Morale Building quotes from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk




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Ship For Less & e-Veritas strike-up sponsorship deal

16009 Steve Molaski hockey jersey #23 headed to the rafters

Zombies metaphorically invade Currie Hall

Nominations for candidates for the Wall of Honour are now being accepted for 2016

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