Is there a proper way to wear the pillbox?


 Something that has been “bugging” me every time I attend a parade at the College is the extreme sloppiness of the cadets’ wearing of the pillbox. This iconic trademark hat sits every way possible on the heads of cadets. I have wondered why someone doesn’t give the cadets a short demonstration on the correct way to wear the pillbox. Cadet officers and the drill staff would assure that all pillboxes are properly worn.


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Maybe it is because no one has taken the trouble to recognize the problem and offer a fine example of how the RMC pillbox should be worn. I will try to do this with the two attached photos: one of me in my uniform as the CSL of 2 Squadron in 1957, and the second of an advertisement which appeared in MacLean’s Magazine, May 16, 1964. The class marching off the square for the last time is the Class of 1957. Take note of the consistent precision of the angle of the pillboxes!

Perhaps this email from me might kindle a discussion on the topic which will lead to all of today’s cadets wearing their pillbox correctly.

I enjoy e-Veritas. Please keep up the good work.

William M Campbell 3837, Class of 1957