John Plant Named a Principal Emeritus

John Plant Named a Principal Emeritus


H3948 Dr John Plant has had a long and distinguished career. Included is 50 years of pretty well consecutive service to the Royal Military College of Canada in various forms – Professor, Principal and RMC Foundation volunteer.

The former Principal (1984 – 1999) has been appointed Principal Emeritus in recognition of his outstanding service to RMCC.

“It is my pleasure, on behalf of the RMC Senate as well as the RMC faculty and staff, to congratulate Dr Plant on this very prestigious recognition for his outstanding service to the College, said 14458 Dr. Harry Kowal, current college Principal.


This is only the second time the appointment of ‘Principal Emeritus’ has been bestowed on someone at RMCC. The recognition does not have a fixed expiry date.

“I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Kowal called to tell me the news” said the Ex Cadett who entered the Military Colleges System back in 1953. He moved on to the Royal Naval Engineering College, Plymouth England in 1956. By 1965 he had earned a (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“As I understand it this academic nicety is purely honorary with no obligations or non-honorary benefits Although I expect I can get a key card for building entry if I ask.”

The appointment is clearly a recognition for distinguished service while he was Principal. Dr Plant has been a Professor Emeritus for several years.

Since his retirement he has clearly demonstrated that he remains interested in doing whatever he can for the college. This included a number of years as a key volunteer executive member of the RMC Foundation.

Dr Kowal, concluded: “I look forward to his continued engagement in College activities and I hope personally to continue to benefit from his vast experience and wise counsel.”