It’s too late to “sell” the Afghanistan mission to Canadians

“Whether or not we stay beyond 2011 is a decision for Canada, and when that decision is made the Canadian forces and those who are affected by that decision will obey and carry on.”

15696 Jonathan Vance (RRMC 1986)



Warplane patron makes no apologies for military help

“When people like us put $20 million-plus of private money into recognizing Canada’s aviation heritage, as a taxpayer I’d like people in government to encourage and assist them when they can,”

6757 Mike Potter (CMR RMC 1966)



Abbotsford International Airshow: Langley flyboy – Ex cadet touches down at home

“It’s just awesome flying into the Fraser Valley and recognizing the landmarks and mountain peaks,”

19520 Mike French (RRMC 1994)

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