Kayne Carr & Lesley Crowley Tie the Knot


This past saturday – 7 November –  Rolande and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of 23439 Kayne Carr (RMC 07) and Lesley Crowley in Ottawa.  Regular readers of e-Veritas may recall the name, Kayne Carr.

For well over a year between III year until his graduation in December 2007, Kayne worked with us in Panet House. He wrote articles, helped with layout and was an all round “go to guy” every edition of e-Veritas. He contributed a great deal to the success of e-Veritas during this time period.  He is pretty well the standard that we measure current cadets that help us out.

Kayne had sustained a serious index finger injury during training in II or III year.  It happened to be his “trigger” finger and for a future infantry officer this could spell trouble career wise.  He eventually received “medical clearance” to start military training again.

He departed for Gagetown in January 2008.  While there he has completed Phase III & Phase IV Infantry officers training and the combat commanders course. He is currently the 4 platoon officer for Hotel Company – RCR. He and his troop are heavily involved in preparing for Ops Podium – at the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver.

Leslie a 2006 & 2007   Queen’s university graduate works with the  Oromocto, District 17 school board as a Resource Liaison Co-ordinator.

The wedding was well attended by family and friends.  Spotted in the crowd were the following ex cadets:

John Dickens- 23308;
Conrad De Souza – 23307;
Matt Barkhouse – 23276;
Jared Harnish – 23460;
Matt Bentley – 23419;
Tiffany Ticky – 23393;
Keaton Brooks – 23423;
Ben Lawson – 23479;
John Breen – 23289;
Heath Robson – 23236; and
Paul Chaput – 23294

The happy couple were motoring back to Gagetown / Oromocto on Sunday.