Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…





Valérie St-Amant – Logistics Officer at Canadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes

Michèle Hamilton – Managing Director at Think Local First Victoria

Natalie Laparé – Human Resources and Administration for Department of National Defence and Past Director on MFRC BoD

Cindy Legarie – Engineering Officer

Jason Tsang – Aerospace Engineering (AERE) Officer at Royal Canadian Air Force

Patrick Doherty – Tutor, Math & English at Oxford Learning Centres Inc.

Marc Perron – RCN-MCS Governance Manager

James Duquette – Signals Officer at Department of National Defence

Andrew Dalton – Pilot

Ron MacEachern – Senior Consultant

Edouard Pelchat – Pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force

Don McLeod Jr.- Military Officer – RCAF