Keeping Tabs…

We invite Ex cadets and other readers to keep us informed. A number of ‘classmates’ are not into social media (facebook and the like).

A brief status update (posting (move/job), life changes (marriage, kids), etc) and a photo of your choice will do.

Send to: [email protected]


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Barbarie Palmer – A dynamic leader of people specializing in technical risk management and leadership development

Jenna Autet – Communications and Electronics Engineer at Canadian Forces

Nadia Shields – Combat Officer at Department of National Defence

Jamie Speiser-Blanchet – Pilot at Canadian Forces

Stuart Moors – Retired Senior Military Professional

Christopher Horner – Chief of Staff – CAF Strategic Response Team at Canadian Armed Forces

Glen Zilkalns – Exercise Designer at Government of Alberta

André Simonyi – Affiliated Fellow at Institute for Advanced Study (2015-2016) – Central European University (Budapest)

Dennis Sugar – Backend Software Engineer

Gabor Somogyvari – PhD Student

Jean-Marie Olivier – Commander (Ret’d), Royal Canadian Navy

Wayne Eyre – Deputy Commander Military Personnel Command