Keeping Tabs…

We invite Ex cadets and other readers to keep us informed. Many ‘classmates / buds’ are not into social media (facebook and the like).

A brief status update (posting (move/job), life changes (marriage, kids), etc) and a photo of your choice will do.

Send to: [email protected]


Top: # u/k Genevieve Vallieres – # u/k Manon Desy – 21198 Cybele Wilson – 20159 Sarah Graham –

Middle: 12046 Pierre Ducharme – # u/k Lloyd Cosby – # u/k Mike Colbourne – 16483 Patrick Renshaw

Bottom: 11213 Daniel Bizier – 23258 Marc Wallis – # u/k Pat Quealey – 16681 Michael Ennis –


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Genevieve Vallieres – Project Manager at Department of National Defence

Manon Desy – Administratrice chez Smart & Biggar

Cybele Wilson – Director, Communications and Business Development at Conference of Defence Associations Institute

Sarah Graham – Logisticienne chez Forces canadiennes

Pierre Ducharme – Founding Member at Transportation Evolution Institute / Institut de l’évolution du transport

Lloyd Cosby – Marine Engineer

Mike Colbourne – Associate at Bank of Montreal Corporate Finance Division

Patrick Renshaw – Architectural Representative at StonCor Group

Daniel Bizier – Independent Consultant

Marc Wallis – Full-time Masters of Public Relations student. Interest in Issues Management & Crisis Communications

Pat Quealey – CEO, Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue

Michael Ennis – Managing Partner, TDV Global