Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…

We invite Ex cadets and other readers to keep us informed. Many ‘classmates / buds’ are not into social media (linkedIn; facebook and the like).

A brief status update (posting (move/job), life changes (marriage, kids),  professional happenings, etc) and a photo of your choice will do.

Send to: [email protected]





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Dany Jacob-David – Lockheed Martin – Canada CC130J Electronic Information Environment Lead

Natalie Laparé – PwC – Senior Resource Manager GTA

Lori Hoinkes – Park Royal Business Manager at Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC)

Hannah Holroyd – Healthcare Administrator at 1 Canadian Field Hospital

Marc Poitras – Software Engineer/Programmer Analyst at C4ISRTek Ltd

Matthew V. Hartney – Public Sector Financial Professional | Specialize In Serving Government CAOs & CFOs | CPA BC Public Practice

Hassan Qureshi – Partner at MNP

Nicolas Pilon – Director Land Requirements

Paul Addy – Vice President Business Development at LEADMARK HIP FUNDING

Richard Marshall – Senior Account Executive – Financial Services at SAP

Derek Miller – Vice President, Finance and Operations

Jeff Phillips – President at Castra Construction Management Inc

Nick Deshpande – Vice President, Sales Engineering at ZENEDGE – Making Cybersecurity Smarter™