Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…

We invite Ex Cadets and other readers to keep us informed. Many ‘classmates / buds’ are not into social media (LinkedIn; facebook and the like).

A brief status update (posting (move/job), life changes (marriage, kids),  professional happenings, etc) and a photo of your choice will do.

Send to: [email protected]




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Heather Hrychuk – Strategic Analyst/Defence Scientist at Department of National Defence

Nathalie Gagnon – CEO of my own life

Audrey Hatfield – Business Administrator NRU Reactor Operations – Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Martine Baril – Directrice Services Conseils, Pro2P- Alithya

Andrew Gower – Professional Engineer and Primary Reserve Combat Engineer Officer

Scott Blakie – Aerospace Engineer at Department of National Defence

Dave Henriquez – Canadian Forces Officer at Department of National Defence

Conrad (Terry) LeDrew – Project Manager at London Life

Jared Harnish – Project Director at RWH Engineering

Stephane Dusablon – Owner, Dusablon Informatics Consulting Inc

Steve Blasiak – Private Market Specialist at Pinnacle Wealth Brokers EMD

Joel R Anderson – Information Protection Officer at Maritime Forces Pacific HQ