Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs


Dan Doran – Associate Director, Project Management

Melissa Jennings – Field Research Coordinator

Tom Jarmyn – Acting Chair at Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Gregory Hamel – Aerospace Engineering Officer

Anne Parker, CD, MDS,CPHR – Director Admissions North America at Study Group

Craig Toms – Vice President, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager at TD Wealth

Harold Beatty – Business Analyst

Christyn (Chris) Cianfarani – President & CEO at Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI)

Rob MacEwen – Managing Director at Audaxium and Datascrub

Nicholas Bergeron – Platoon Commander in Canadian Armed Forces

Maryse Therrien – CC177 Deputy Weapon System Manager (DND)

Steven Graham – G3 / Director of Army Force Readiness at Department of National Defence