Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…


Stuart Moors – Retired Senior Military Professional

David Gosselin – PhD Candidate at University of Nebraska in Lincoln

Alex Lacasse – Ethical and Strategic Operations Director • Improving operative processes, financial viability and team cohesiveness

Amy Trafford – Criminal Investigator at Canada Revenue Agency

Micheal (Mike) MacGregor – Program Manager at Communications Security Establishment (CSE)

Theresa Winchester – Travel Consultant at TheTravelAgentNextDoor

Steve Young – Chief Instructor at Aegis Group

Jim Stacey – Project Management and Systems Engineering Support Specialist at DND and Owner, James Stacey Enterprises Inc

Alexander Landry – Engineering Officer at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering

Roman Klimowicz – Principal Consultant /Owner at Roman Klimowicz Consulting

Megan Kavanagh, P.Eng. – Commanding Officer at Canadian Armed Forces / Forces armées canadiennes

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  • J.D. Smith, 8074

    May 21, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Roman Klimowicz: ‘Great to see a former Team Mate is still at it! Please give me a call if you are out California way, and / or perhaps we will run into each other at the Toronto RMC dinner. ‘Be great to see you and to catch up. Best regards, Smitty 8074