Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs

Ian Miller – Health Care Administration Officer

Jodi Miller – Jodi Miller Artwork and Design

Adrian Smart – Training And Development Officer at Department of National Defence

Ron Dickenson – House Elf

Aidan J. Solar – Military Officer, Firefighter

Nicholas Vlachopoulos – Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at Royal Military College of Canada

Helga (Rausch) Grodzinski – Course Development and Delivery Manager, Division of Continuing Studies at Royal Military College of Canada

Steven Gable – Associate Environmental Engineer at AMEC Foster Wheeler

Deanna Manson – Logistics and human resources specialist with over 28 years of Canadian Armed Forces experience

Bill Lye – Associate at Friendship Bay Consulting Inc.

Anthony Goode – Associate Consultant at CFN Consultants Atlantic

Suzanne M. Bastien – Executive in Public Service – Cadre dans la fonction publique