Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs…

15130 Martin Kenneally – Planning Advisor at Ministry of Health Emergency Medical Assistance Team

20301 Fil Bohac – Project Manager, AIMP Block 4

22428 Kristin Topping – Canadian Forces Intelligence Command at Canadian Armed Forces

21529 Richard Silva – Deputy Chief Of Staff at Canadian Forces College

22762 David Della Rocca – Graduate Student at Canadian Forces College

15988 Jeff Kearns – Professional Engineering Services, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma

23871 Justina H. Mang – Transitioning Naval Logistics Officer

15755 Philip De Carlo – Wireless Engineer

10263 Don Lovell – Retired Architect at Don Lovell Graphics

23245 Gina Decarie – Transformation Manager at Canadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes

23784 Craig McKeown – Director, Engineering and Maintenance. City Operations, Edmonton Transit Service

23886 Lydia Evequoz – Officer Commanding Detachment Cold Lake at Real Property Operations (West)

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